Obtaining financial capital in investment gold.

Characteristics Purchase of investment gold through 7 possible Purchase Orders, with the bonus of up to 80% on the recommendation of new customers.
Investor profile Clients with an Entrepreneur Profile.
Deadlines and Obligations A contract for 1-year renewable. A contribution of 20% of the O.C. chosen Payment of the remaining 80% within the contractual term replaceable with the practical recommendation of 12 new customers who purchase the same purchase order or higher.
Anticipated Cancelation You can cancel the order early by paying in Euros the remaining balance.
Requirements A) Opening account through the link of a sponsor.
B) Identity and address validation.
C) Acquisition and payment of the first OC selected. (In all cases it is mandatory to purchase the minimum order of € 40 next to the one chosen)
Financial Cost No financial cost.
Contract Objective The value of each order is fixed in Euros and all cases, physical investment gold acquired in bars certified by LBMA that will value at the time the customer completes the payment of their order.
Cycles All OCs are cyclical. If there is no order to withdraw from the client at the close of each order, a new request of equal value will opened according to the Eagle Aurum Terms and Conditions.
Upgrade At the end of the first cycle of each order of not canceling the client, the Upgrade or opening of the next higher order will automatically occur according to the Eagle Aurum Terms and Conditions.

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The purchase of gold for investment is considered the tool with the highest performance in the last and next years.

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In our store, you can obtain investment gold certified by the LBMA at international market prices.

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