Custody of gold nuggets with capital and guaranteed interest.

Characteristics Custody of Ingots with payment of periodic rent for the leasing of the same, with Capital and guaranteed performance.
Investor profile Clients with the conservative profile who seek to invest resources in medium and long-term gold savings to build fixed assets with guaranteed income.
Deadlines and Obligations Contracts for 10, 15 and 20 years.
Rescue Partial and total rescues from year 2 with penalties.
Performance Rent Payment for the rental of ingots (Annual, semi-annual or quarterly).
Management costs Total of 7% on the Eagle quotation value of the metals invested at the date of signing the contract as management expenses.
Product profile Ideal to create an asset to obtaining capital for retirement, university fund for children and grandchildren.
Operative The customer, acquires LBMA certified gold bullion at the Eagle Aurum store and makes a certified custody contract.


Annual gold price increase (in Annual %)
Amount to invest (multiple of 100 gr of gold)
Total 0.00 € FEE

Capital in Gold Annual rent Total
1st year---
2nd year---
3rd year---
4th year---
5th year---
6th year---
7th year---
8th year---
9th year---
10th year---

Certified Gold & Silver

In our store, you can obtain investment gold certified by the LBMA at international market prices.

Aurum Partner System

A system of self-financing and obtaining real financial capital through the acquisition of purchase orders.

Eagle Nest

The most significant strategy of the market, without competition, allows us to address the real estate market. Guaranteed interest.