Purchase Order for real estate investments.

Denomination EAGLE NEST
Characteristics Purchase Order for the contracting of the Construction of housing subsidized by EAC for its VIP clients. With a bonus of up to 95% of the final value of the same by effective recommendation of new customers according to the Terms and Conditions of EAC.
Investor profile VIP clients of EAC with an entrepreneurial profile who seek in the foreground to satisfy the need for their housing and secondly, the expansion of their investment portfolio in real estate.
Deadlines and Conditions Annual Contract renewable automatically up to 3 years.
Requirements Only for customers who have the first three orders of the Aurum System Partner open. (Combo 770). Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the purchase and sale reservation contract and payment of the amount as payment on account of reservation. An opening of new Order EAGLE NEST. The contribution of at least three direct clients of the total who join the order is a fundamental requirement.

Eagle Investment

The purchase of gold for investment is considered the tool with the highest performance in the last and next years.

Certified Gold & Silver

In our store, you can obtain investment gold certified by the LBMA at international market prices.

Aurum Partner System

A system of self-financing and obtaining real financial capital through the acquisition of purchase orders.