Eagle Aurum Company

Our History

Eagle Aurum come into existence in 2016 as a means of getting the investment gold to the ordinary saver, small entrepreneurs, professionals, housewives, self-employed workers, basing all our business on financial education to protect small and medium investors from the continuous devaluation of the currencies of each country, as a means of patrimonial consolidation.

Thanks to a perfect business planning and a great professional team in a concise time we have been able to locate ourselves as a benchmark for the consolidation of patrimony based on the purchase of investment gold of 24 knots.

We started our activity in the sale of precious metals through our physical offices and online store that gave us a strong global inclusion, reaching in our first year to 150 countries of the five continents and with an ambitious medium and long-term projection.

Thanks to an efficient logistics department and strict compliance with the international and local laws of each country, we have delivered with total efficiency the ingots acquired by our clients with the proper official invoicing and the corresponding legal documentation of importation in 150 different countries.

Hemos desarrollado varias líneas de negocio perfectamente diferenciadas para llegar a todo tipo de inversores.

1º- WHOLESALE SALE TO LARGE CUSTOMERS, (Banks, Corporations, Large Investors) In certified bars of 400 ounces 12.4 Kilo of gold or 24 knots.

2º- SALE OF PHYSICAL GOLD: In ingots of 2.5gs to 1 kilo to private customers through our network of physician offices and our online store with export service and door-to-door delivery or guaranteed custody service in vaults, with guaranteed repurchase.

3º- PARTNER AURUM SYSTEM: Network Marketing System, Sale of physical gold in ingots up to 1 kg with a bonus of up to 80% per new customers, recommended through our online store. With delivery at home or custody in vaults and guaranteed repurchase.

4º- EAGLE INVESTMENT: Capitalization system with the purchase of certified physical gold of 24 kts and bank custody with an annual rent of 10%, for investors and savers in the medium and long-term.

5º- NETWORK OF COMMERCIAL AGENTS: We are currently developing an ambitious project to establish a network of commercial agents for the sale of our Eagle Investment through financial Brokers, stockbrokers, insurance brokers, etc.... The first stage is the total expansion within Spain to then export the system to other countries where we have reliable commercial insertion such as Dubai, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Argentina.

6ª- REAL ESTATE. This is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects. To turn our clients into partners of a valuable real estate and urbanization project in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Russia and Arab Countries.

Our commitment

We base all our commercial operations on the four pillars of Eagle ETHICS, CONFIDENCE, FORTITUDE and PROFESSIONALISM. These principles that govern our day to day are not a mere advertising slogan, but under no circumstances we allow ourselves to work away from them, protecting with our conduct code to Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Employees, and Governments that with their correct legislation safeguard our good practice.

Our primary commitment with our clients is to allow them to consolidate as Investors, through an extensive Portfolio within the Precious Metals and Real Estate Markets under the laws with a correct, transparent and professional administration and an aggressive commercial policy.

LEGALITY: All our activity is inside within European laws, and we adapt to the local requirements of each country, actively collaborating in the fight against money laundering, so we do not operate from tax havens, and we have all the corresponding licenses and financial and legal authorizations, submitting us to government control. We carry strict traceability of all ingot bars and gold bars sold through their numbers of certificates included in the legal billing of each of them. So we only work with conventional banks and payment systems duly legalized, and all our ingots come from refineries belonging to the LBMA London Bullion Market Association that regulates the activity worldwide.

We are currently in full development and growth, we know that there is still a long way to go and that is why we do not stop, we do not allow ourselves to look back, the world of finance is going too fast, and we have the mission to protect its heritage.

Lanzamiento Oficial Eagle Aurum.

Francisco Pérez, Vicepresidente.


Natalia Argilla, Directora.

Ceo y Fundador Alejandro Argilla.

Sponsor Oficial de Robert Kyshosaki.

Participación evento Jürgen Klarick.