The 4 Pillars


Our company is governed for all its acts, social, commercial and economic business by a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Practices "The code is a clear statement of the value system of Eagle Aurum Company.

Its objective is to protect and satisfy both end customers and investors, suppliers, intermediaries and any person or entity that may be affected by our business.

Promote sustainable competitiveness of the business model, as well as maintain and preserve the reputation and image of Eagle Aurum Company and its members.

Since its creation, we have not conceived a business model that not based on these principles, and every one of the members of this company will always have the primary objective of exercising control over compliance with this law.

This code of ethics is binding and mandatory for all customers, investors, employees and executives of Eagle Aurum Company.


Eagle Aurum Company to ensure the trust of our customers has a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in all functional and operational areas of the company, Economists, Coaches, Lawyers, Computer experts, Precious Metals Experts, Leaders, and trainers.

I. Publication of financial status. The Eagle Aurum Company policy is to carry out its operations in an honest, transparent and ethical manner, observing the highest standards of professional integrity and complying with applicable national and international legislation.

To ensure financial transparency, EAC is audited and advised by an international consulting firm of international renown, which applies all the International Accounting and Tax Auditing Standards and, in combination with our internal control policies and procedures, our financial statements will be published periodically as well as the stock of precious metals of investment (gold and silver), both own and that which it holds in the custody of our clients.

II. Our Executives, Leaders, and Employees. We have a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in all functional and business areas of the company for the attention of all our customers.

Our leadership in all the countries where we operate has a long history and experience in the commercialization of investment metals and a reputation based on the collaboration and support of the network of preferred customers.

III. Shareholders Group. Our entire group of investors, as well as its board of directors and employees, is public through the legal documentation of the company. EAC complies with all legal and tax records required in the European Community.

IV. At Eagle Aurum Company we work with Official Banks. All the financial operations of the company are carried out through conventional banks and duly audited through official and private organizations.

V. Eagle Aurum Company is incorporated in Europe. EAC is a European company with licenses for the purchase of precious metals wholesale and retail and do not operate from tax havens, maintaining all controls to prevent money laundering and fraudulent activities in constant collaboration with the requirements of official banks, governmental entities, refineries and the finance offices of each country in which we operate.


We believe in the principle of evolution of the strongest. In the current commercial world, only these survive, who are in a continuous process of innovation but above all who build their projects on excellent foundations.

For this reason, when we start designing our company, we look for that courage first. Our goal is to lead the online marketing of gold and silver in the first two years of activity.

We had great ideas, we knew how to put them into practice, and for that, we looked for the best. We are not satisfied with mediocrities, and we put together a first level executive TEAM, super professional.

Then we attracted investors, people, and companies that bet on our ideas and gave us the solvency to create it from the first day as the most dependable, professional and solvent company in the Gold Online Network Marketing market.

But this was not enough... We wanted more... We bought mining rights for our gold and silver mines.

Our expansion plan contemplates the opening of subsidiaries with our offices in at least 25 major world capitals, only in the first five years. We are the only ones who have created our university for the professional training of Leaders and Executives.

We do not improvise, we have entirely defined our objectives and goals with a Business Plan that allows us to know where we will be standing within ten years.


We base our future strategy on a leadership structure and a staff of Executives trained with the highest standards of professionalism. For this, we created a university-type training plan. Our primary objective is to be in short time the No. 1 company in Sales and growth of the Online Gold sales market and by direct sales to the general public and corporate investors. For this reason, we will not allow mediocrity in our staff.

We have our management control department, Marketing departments, Advertising, Logistics, Administration, R.R.P.P. New projects, Market developments, Eagle University. Etc.